White Fillings

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Fillings are an unwelcome addition to our mouths but necessary if our teeth have become damaged. Good dentistry doesn’t have to be ugly and that includes fillings!

Modern white filling material is strong and durable. Placed properly it will last for many years. It comes in a range of colours to match natural teeth of all shades

The benefits of tooth-coloured materials go far beyond cosmetics. These materials stick to the teeth, unlike metal fillings which have to be dovetailed into place. This means that less tooth has to be removed when white fillings are used so more of the natural enamel and dentine can be preserved.

White fillings don’t contain any metal so they don’t conduct hot and cold to the nerve of the tooth; a common cause of tooth sensitivity. There’s also no ‘electric shock’ when they touch each other which can happen with materials made of metal.

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If a white filling chips it can be easily repaired, usually without the need to remove the whole filling.

Recent studies have shown that when properly placed and used, white fillings perform as well as amalgam fillings over many years without the disadvantages of the other materials.

We only use white fillings at our practice. We like their clinical and cosmetic benefits and we find that of all the colours teeth (and fillings) come in, our patients still tend to prefer white!

Featured are the matching shades for white fillings, as used at Avenue Road Dental Practice.