Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding, Cosmetic Dental Treatments with Avenue Road Dental

Improve the appearance of mis-shaped or damaged teeth to achieve a beautiful smile with the help of our professional dental team, trained in composite bonding.

Small amounts of colour-matched filling material are added to the teeth to cover up imperfections or improve the shape of the teeth. Usually no injection is required, as very little drilling is necessary.

The surfaces of the teeth to be bonded are roughened with fine diamond polishers or by gentle sand-blasting. Adhesives are applied and the teeth built up. This technique is often used in conjunction with cosmetic re-contouring to improve the shape of the edges of the teeth.

Treatment is usually completed in a single appointment. Cosmetic composite bonding can be used to:

• Re-shape teeth
• Fill in gaps
• Lengthen teeth that are too short
• Hide non-decayed blemishes on the tooth surface
• Make teeth appear straighter

Enhancing your teeth with composite bonding costs on average £230.00 per tooth treated and as always an individual cost estimate will be given to you before treatment.

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